The Fundamentals of the Clinic, from the very beginning were based on helping patients to have healthy teeth and healthy gums, because a beautiful smile - is an integral part of the image of a successful person.

Alexander Yakovlevich Fedoseyev
Chief Physician, Candidate of Medical Sciences

The Clinic of Dr.Fedoseev was opened in 2000, however its story began much earlier – it began in 1992, when Dr. Fedoseev became one of the first private dentists; and this year the clinic is celebrating its informal 20 year jubilee.

Work in the Clinic of Dr.Fedoseev is based on principles that guarantee maximum comfort and safety of patients, due to the high quality dental care and ethical standards found at the Clinic.

Modern principles of the organization and its  management allow the best use of the Clinic’s technical capabilities and professionalism of the doctors working in all areas of dentistry.

This has led to a formula of success, which is appreciated not only by the many patients, but also by experts from the Russian Dental Association.

The clinic of Dr.Fedoseev – has been an innovative center of the Russian Dental Association since 2002.

In September this year Dr.Fedoseev  participated in the International Congress of dentists FDI in Hong Kong as part of the official Russian delegation.  This has allowed us to bring to the city today,  a vision of an innovative approach to modern dentistry.

Innovation consists of  the equipment, materials and technology that are used, plus a  comprehensive team approach towards the treatment of each patient.

A separate area of the clinic is children's dentistry. This is a primary area, and very important, because the treatment of children is an investment in the future.

A distinctive feature of the Clinic is the high standard of treatment and care. Patients appreciate this level of attention and trust their health and that of their loved ones to the Clinic.

The main purpose of the Clinic has been unchanged for 20 years. It provides a healthy and extremely satisfactory service to patients, and as a result they recommend relatives and friends to use the services of the Clinic.


  • Diagnostics
  • Treatment
  • Extraction
  • Prosthetics
  • Implantation
  • Children welcome
  • Bite correction
  • Health-safe mode


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